Testing Services:

Functional /Regression Testing
White Box Testing/Code Review
Compatibility Testing
Test Automation
Quality Consulting

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Sarga full range of Quality Assurance services are used by customers as follows

  • Functional, white-box, compatibility and performance testing on enterprise applications or software products.
  • Functional, system, compatibility and performance testing on hardware devices.
  • Test automation to enable efficient test execution.
  • Augment their QA staff for peak loads.
  • Consulting for Quality Management process re-engineering.
  • Several ISVs engage us as their sole QA resource and outsource all their testing activities to us.

Sarga can rapidly put together a test team after understanding your needs. You can split this team between near and remote shores to appropriately support your communication v/s cost tradeoffs.

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Sarga performance testing capability is built around –

  • Experience in different engagements, e.g., performance testing for enterprise applications, software products, hardware devices, etc.
  • Experience in delivering performance testing in domains including Financial Services, Media, Retail, Logistics, mortgage,Insurance,bankingetc.
  • Experience with testing tools from leading 3rd party vendors – Mercury Interactive, Compuware and RadView.
  • Most passionable software testing company.

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Functional /Regression Testing:()

Sarga has performed functional and regression testing for a number of customers from all verticals. Our engagement teams have the experience to identify the best framework for testing in terms of –

  • Whether to replicate all or a relevant part of the client’s staging environment in our QA laboratory or to connect directly into the client’s environment.
  • Selecting the right tool to use. We have experience in using all the leading test tools including, WinRunner, QA Partner, SilkTest and QuickTestPro.
  • The communication model to be adopted for reporting progress on the testing process. The Sarga team participates in triage to help expediently resolve identified issues.
  • Selecting the appropriate defect tracking system to report issues. We have experience in Bugzilla, Team Tracker, Test Director, SHARC and many others.

White Box Testing/Code Review:()
We do intensive source code review, code coverage analysis, cyclomatic testing, data flow testing, loop testing, profiling, etc. on various technologies. We utilize leading white box testing tools from IBM Rational, Compuware and Mercury Interactive. We can also leverage our in-house development expertise to develop custom test tools including exercisers, harnesses and stubs.

Compatibility Testing:()
Sarga provides comprehensive compatibility testing services for a range of platforms, databases, servers, browsers and hardware devices. Any peripheral hardware device or server configuration that we do not currently possess can be rapidly obtained through our associated hardware and software vendor partners. Sarga also uses several environmental simulators (such as Ghosting, VMware, etc.) to reduce the testing time and cost.

Test Automation:()
Sarga can help automate your test execution to increase the throughput of your regression test cycles in a variety of environments including, WinRunner, QA Partner, SilkTest and QuickTestPro.

Quality Consulting:()
Large enterprise customers and technology providers have leveraged Sarga’ consulting services to reengineer their QA and development processes. Our strong background in delivering testing services allows us to identify specific improvements to your quality management to enable better decisions that impact the bottom line.

Unlike traditional approaches to quality management where quality control essentially starts towards the end of the technology development process, our approach integrates information needed to trade-off risk of defects vs. cost of testing at a much earlier stage.

Our consulting solution, called Quality Management Framework™ (QMF), is a deterministic approach to quality management that maximizes efficiency and minimizes risk throughout design, development and deployment of technology projects. It consists of the following components that can be customized to fit your organization’s requirements –

  • Assessment:Our consulting process begins with an assessment of various risks, cost and quality factors against the backdrop the company’s overall technology development process.
  • Engagement: Based on the assessment report and the recommendations, a roadmap for an engagement is developed, which serves as a guiding line to the consulting and
  • Deploying: All the testing procedures and methodologies are executed within the scope of the framework.
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