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Onsite/Offshore Project Services
IT Consulting

Looking to protect your IT investments? Why not take advantage of what's already in place. Sarga offers a number of IT consulting services to assist you with integrating new hardware, packaged and custom software, communications protocols and networks into your existing technology infrastructure. In every project, we combine our system integration experience with our knowledge of proprietary and open systems and technologies. As part of our IT consulting services we also offer Infrastructure Advisory Services. We will help you map your business vision to the IT Infrastructure necessary to bring that business vision to life. We provide you the required resources needed for the project which allows you to focus primarily on your core business activities. We take care right from planning for the project to the deliverables. We help you establish management parameters and success measurements. Our IT consulting services include a strategic, collaborative approach to implementing infrastructure change - and to define accountability and traceability. We help you predict the direct correlation between decisions and results.

Strategy: ()
Here's where it all begins. We work with you to create an infrastructure strategy that turns your business vision into reality.

Architecture: ()
The efficiency of an enterprise is mirrored in the efficiency of the infrastructure architecture. We have the tools and capabilities to develop a stable, secure and scalable information infrastructure.

Execution: ()
We define the most cost-effective and expedient way to get your information systems working for your organization.

Onsite/Offshore Project Services: ()
We can support your Information Management requirements for any or all the phases or a project life cycle or can take complete responsibility for a total systems solution. Projects can be outsourced, onsite, offshore or a combination of both in a way our Customer wants. Outsourcing is available across the entire spectrum of platforms, languages and technologies.

IT Consulting: ()
Most organizations rely on technology to support virtually every aspect of their operation. Sarga provides a full range of consulting services to help fulfill the information technology requirements of businesses today. The crucial challenge of technology is finding the right people. No information technology project can be successful without the people to make it successful. Sarga helps you find the best people in the industry.

Our consultants are qualified to design, develop, connect and support information systems that will ensure your business goals are achieved in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our list of personnel includes: programmers, analysts, software engineers, applications developers and programmers, software quality assurance engineers, system operators and administrators, LAN administrators, system managers, database designers/ administrators, and project managers.


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