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Staffing (Professional):

Contract Employment:

Hiring consultants is an increasingly common way for employers to meet peak demand, cost effectively, by hiring highly skilled professionals on a contract basis. As a consultant working with us option offers you the flexibility to choose assignments, while we handle pay and taxes.

With over years of experience in professional IT consulting, we understand the technology better and offer the benefit of long-term relationships with employers –factors that allow us to know about job openings before they are known to others.

Instead of hiring directly you can hire our experienced Professional consultants with their vast and specialized knowledge. Sarga Solutions Inc can help you hire the right consultant for the job. If you are a skilled and experienced IT professional Consultant we will work with you to assist you in finding the best possible position in your field of expertise.

In addition to time tested traditional methods of recruiting we use a custom built database that enables us to react quickly to your needs. Our placement system uses a concept-based searching system to match applicants with job requisitions. This helps decrease the time between resume receipt and on-line availability from days to just minutes. Sarga Solutions Inc focuses on providing the best candidates to our clients. We interview our candidates and clients to determine their needs and skill sets and then find the best possible match. A recruiting and marketing plan is then formulated based on each search and a customer based Q&A form is designed to assist in screening applicants. We have found that speed, accuracy and searching functionality are imperative to the success of attracting not only the right talent but getting them hired.

Sarga Solutions Inc took the approach of hiring senior recruiters, many with over five years recruiting experience. What this means to our clients is we are able to match your needs to the candidates we work with. Clients are not bombarded with off-target resumes.

Direct Placement Service:
We know how important it is to make the right hiring decision every time. Our HR division can help you recruit and hire employees whose skills and experience precisely match the job at hand.

Sarga is dedicated to delivering best-value services based on innovative applications of state-of-the-art technologies.


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